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Custom Websites

Need to get your name out there? I've got you covered. I'm fully qualified to make your website the way you want it. Fully responsive, server integration, e-commerce, etc. You want it? I can do it. I have experience in HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript, NodeJS, Angular4, ReactJS, PHP, JQuery, SQL, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and so much more. Nothing is impossible with my skillset. Contact me if you're interested.

App Development

I do all my development work on a Mac (I also have a Windows PC for the dotnet stack, and games), so I'm capable of writing both Android and iOS apps. If you feel that you have a great app idea, feel free to get in contact with me. However, much of this work is time consuming and complex, so I reserve the right to decline any offers for app development.


While I'm qualified to work on Java and C# software (I can also pick up other languages quickly. I learned Angular in about a week.), I don't accept freelance offers for this kind of work. However, if you are interested in hiring me for your company in the NC Triangle area, feel free to contact me.


Feel free to take a look at my past projects here. You'll always be able to find the static github pages for all of them, and most of them are hosted somewhere on the internet (Usually Heroku).

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Vinum Vitae

It's uniquely yours.

A thumbnail image of the UNC Coding Bootcamp logo.

Reboot Camp Spot

An honest attempt to fix a real problem.

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A look at my early work in a team.

A thumbnail image of a smartphone with a glare on the screen from the sun.


A look at some of my earlier Android work.

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New York Times React Scraper

Proof of concept for full stack.

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Check back on this one later. It's my baby.


My History

  • An image of a window that has popped up with the phrase 'hello world' on it.


    Hello World!

    2012 was the first time I tinkered around with computers using Visual Basic. Most of the code from those days is lost to time, but writing it was an important landmark.

  • A collage of programming languages.


    Learning the Fundamentals

    These were my tinkering days. Much of my work involved script kiddie tricks. I was still a hobbyist, and I had yet to get serious.

  • An image of me graduating from the UNC Coding Bootcamp


    UNC Coding Bootcamp

    This is where I really got serious. I buckled down for six months of my life, and started to crank out some really good work. My code drastically improved. and I become a full stack developer.

  • An image of Western Governor's University's Icon.


    Really Getting Serious

    Now a Full-Stack Developer, I've done all kinds of work, and made all kinds of apps. I decided that to be a truly world class developer, I'd need a Computer Science Degree. Today, I'm working on my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at the Western Governor's University. I still take requests for freelance work, though, so feel free to get in contact if you see what you like here.

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